Configure captcha

To avoid spam in your guestbook, VitaBook uses the built-in ReCaptcha plugin of Joomla!. Because VitaBook depends on this plugin for it's captcha functionality, you'll need to configure this plugin. A video version of this howto is included below.

  1. Log on to the administration site of your Joomla! installation and open the Plugin Manager from the Extensions menu. Select Captcha - ReCaptcha from the list.
  2. We have two things to do here, first check if Status is set to Enabled in the left panel. Next fill in your Public  and Private Key on the right panel. To get these keys, go to and follow instructions.

    ReCaptcha Keys

  3. To finish up, choose Global Configuration from the Site menu and set Default Captcha under Site Settings to Captcha - ReCaptcha.

    Default Captcha in Global Configuration


If you have Captcha for guest message enabled in the VitaBook options (it is by default), guests should see a captcha now when posting a message.



Video version